Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sewing Machine Getaway not Giveaway

In May, of this year, I bought a sewing machine using the money I earned doing a project. My projects for a little bit of play money include graphic design jobs here and there and back-up childcare. I spent about $90 on a sewing machine from Target. Of course there are many brands that are good but when I think about sewing nothing stitches like a Singer. I guess it’s just great marketing. Due to my lack of skills and the fact that I haven’t used a sewing machine in about 20 years I felt comfortable purchasing the Singer Promise 1409.

I don’t think any sewing machine can get more basic than this. It has very few stitches to choose from, the less the better for me. The machine has numbers on it that guided me on how to thread it.

When I saw the box in the store it had a small picture of Martha Stewart’s face on the box, “handpicked by Martha.” If this machine was “handpicked” by Martha I definitely wanted it. The Promise sewing machine was easy to set-up and use + before I made the purchase I read all of the good and bad customer reviews and watched just about every basic sewing machine video by Singer on YouTube.

The main reason for me buying the sewing machine was due to the fact that, I am frugal and I have been living in my home for six years. I am just now discovering that it looks like somewhere to sleep. In the main living areas, such as the kitchen, family room, and living room, I don’t have curtains or shades for the windows. Every time I have searched for curtains I could not find any that were my style or I would like curtains that cost too much money for my budget.

Honestly, managing a home, my husband, and 3 children in the home; I don’t really have time for sewing but I have become better at managing my priorities. I have dedicated Sunday as “Sew Sundays.” I can say it has been very relaxing for me to learn how to sew. Now I have a hobby other than being a wife and mother.

My escape is Bobbin Island what's yours?

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