Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Year, New Home Order!

I wanted to share this link with you. It’s from a ministry called Above Rubies. I was introduced to the Above Rubies ministry through attending a local Homemaker’s ministry meeting at a church. The article is titled “Order in the Home.” Sounds daunting almost like an article reminding you of how bad you are for keeping a dirty home and how ill-mannered your children are. GOOD NEWS, it’s not. I found this article very encouraging, flexible (adjustable to your family), full of wisdom with great suggestions and examples we can all relate to as parents whether you work from home, even if you are a dad, out of the home, or are a homemaker. What I liked most about the article was pointing out the different seasons we face. “Do you have younger children? Do the basics!” And also, “Start training early.” I read it from time to time just to see where I am and for encouragement. If you want to change your home for the New Year or you are a new mom and need some help and encouragement and just to know and understand you are not alone I implore you to read it.

I Missed You!

Within two weeks we’ve experienced 2 deaths in our family, my husband’s uncle then his father. My husband is from Alabama so we’ve had to take travel to both Tennessee and Alabama. Keep us in your prayers as we try to find some normalcy. 

If I am posting this message that means we’re getting back to the groove of things!