Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Squeeze

Not that I haven’t been doing anything but this is the busiest time of the year for me. In the past I have tried to make November – December easier on myself but there’s just no way of getting out of it. And no, it’s not a season filled with endless shopping but for me volunteering to help worthy causes for this season is what I do.

When I decided to do a blog I decided I would really like to just help someone and not hoard all of the good information I have researched or someone has shared with me. I see moms out there who need help. I see moms out there and their feelings and what they experience are just supposed to be swept under the rug and quiet lest they be accused of some crazy mother who doesn’t know how to parent.

Some days I just don’t know what to write about though there is never a dull moment at the Gilbert’s house. I just don’t want to put anything on the blog that was not satisfying or going to help someone else. Some personal house goals I have been working on are creating an action file. Unfortunately, I let some school stuff fall off my plate. The kids are sure to remind me of their disappointment. I was caught off guard because I really wasn’t that organized. I manage school and home stuff that requires immediate attention and I have been slack in that area. To remedy my mishaps I put together an action file using an old accordion file I had at the house that wasn’t been utilized. I talked my husband into buying us a label maker and I have been labeling everything ever since. We made Thanksgiving crafts too but I didn’t even post them. As far as me and my personal fitness goals and if I had anything helpful to say, I completely fell off and ate all the pie and anything else I wanted. The only good thing about it is that I ate in moderation so I didn’t completely stuff myself.

I gathered some craft items together so we can do crafts this Friday and create some stockings out of felt next week. I planned on doing some simple holiday jewelry and hoping that a local artist will share her designs with us. The home makers meeting I attend has this cool gift exchange where you make something, under $10, and exchange it at the holiday party. Prayerfully, I will get around to making a quality piece to give away.

Forgive me and thank you for dropping by to see me!

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