Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Monogram Gingerbread Garland Family

Flipping through craft magazines at the store I was inspired to create my own gingerbread garland. This project has been done many times but I wanted to make it our own. I wanted ours to be the gingerbread Gilbert family. gingerbread craft

On previous projects I have seen people use paper bags to cut out patterns. I planned on using a paper bag until I found some gingerbread foam men for $1 at Target and chipboard shiny letters, $1.

It's nice to have a variety of items in the craft room to choose from but for me, if I have too much variety I get overwhelmed and I don't like to hoard anything. Anyway, I'd like to think that I am kind of thrifty. I try to use up everything that I have leftover from previous crafts. Plus, it gives me an excuse to buy something new at the craft store when I run out. I already had fabric puff paint on hand, leftover ribbon pieces, yarn, rhinestones, buttons, and pom poms.

One afternoon while the boys were out Alyssa and I created gingerbread garland. When I thought about doing this project I wanted something that I could date and display every year. I have nice artwork from Joshua and Alyssa that they did while they were in preschool and some of the better school projects. I display past works of art every year. I wanted this garland to be pretty and displayed every Christmas time in memory of our time together creating something. I didn't want to just do the project myself and hang it up, there's just no fun in that,well sometimes but not often.

Kids can get messy with crafts too. One way to help kids create their best is to have them lay out the design before committing to it. Then you have time to approve or disapprove. I disapproved one design Alyssa did but I still allowed her to pick another design that she liked. I encouraged her to pick patterns. I dotted her design with a pen on the gingerbread foam and let her dot the pen marks with tacky glue to glue her ornaments on the gingerbread foam. Alyssa did 3 gingerbread men and I did a heart and 3 gingerbread men.
Alyssa added red puff paint to the gingerbread foam and a pattern
of floral buttons

My husband adored this project.

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