Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mothers Are the Heart of a Home

If I would have released the negativity of my own heart the heart of my home would have been a very sour place.

This week has been extra busy for me. On Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6 I felt overwhelmed. School was out for Joshua and Alyssa and them being home breaks up the routine. On top of that I had to take three kids with me to vote. I was unsure if I could bring them all since one of the rules said you can only bring two children to the polls per adult. I was expecting someone to remind me of this rule in a rude and nasty way.

Voting accomplished, chores, cleaning, dinner, homework, all done, and all on-time, yet I still felt overwhelmed. I don’t know about anyone else but my kids absolutely love each other but at the same time together they argue and play rambunctiously. On top of that I have been playing cab driver this week without the pay.

I picked up my husband on Tuesday from the train station and everything in me wanted to release how bad of a day I had to him. Honestly, this “bad” day was the product of a negative mindset. I smile even when my situations are less than ideal so, my husband couldn’t tell I was really irritated. I listened to my husband in the car. When we got in the house, it was there, at the tip of my tongue, how busy my day was and now I have to go pick up a friend from the train station and take her home. But, my husband said to me with an enthusiastic voice and a smile on his face, THANK YOU! I knew it was from the heart. I smiled back, we hugged and kissed. God knew that I needed that. That was so much more pleasurable than releasing my gripes about my day and potentially creating a negative air in our home. Then I thought about a refrigerator magnet we have that my husband bought so many years ago. It says, “Mothers are the Heart of a Home.”

I wish that I could give this magnet to every mom. If my heart is full of complaining, nagging, anger, jealousy and resentment so is my home. We cannot deny our emotions and how we feel but I have found this to be helpful, having a heart of thanksgiving by remembering everything good, right, and being thankful.

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