Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bookcase Makeover

Saturday past, I gave my bookcases a makeover. With no plans for my Saturday I began throwing books off the shelves and onto the floor including junk I was hoarding for years. My husband thought I was creating work for myself but he liked the end result. I invited the kids to help but I guess it involved too much cleaning for them to join in and Lord knows how I have them helping out in the home Monday through Friday.

I was inspired by the book, Real Simple Solutions: Tricks, Wisdom and Easy Ideas to Simplify Everyday by The Editors of Real Simple Magazine. I picked this book up at the library just browsing. As I have said before, when I worked full-time 2 + years ago I never really had the time to “home make.” I salute mothers who work full-time outside of the home and yet have time to really “home make” because I simply could not do it. I salute passionate home makers because they have made this a real art and are willing to share information with others.

I have completed some projects here and there but I have a deep need and desire to be even more organized. I love not having to tear my house apart just to look for something. I like it when my husband asks me for something and right away I know where it is. I like being the CEO of our home and the Internet has been a great tool for information. I have been inspired & motivated by wonderful blogs by wonderful women who share information about interior design, home organization, basic home maintenance, and homemaking. I even came across blogs about doing a home organization 30-day challenge. I don’t think I am ready for that right now but it’s a great way to hurry up and get organized.

My goal wasn’t to make my bookshelves identical to the bookshelves in the Real Simple book, on pages 116-117, but to organize the books. I organized all of our books by categories, self-help, art & design, computers, etc. I scrapped the junk and added some design elements such as memorabilia, photos, and vases. This project costs me $0.

What was your last home making project and what inspired you to just get it done?

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