Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Felt Christmas Stockings

I made Christmas stockings using the cheapy felt from the craft store. The felt sheets cost me 29 cents each.

We don’t have Christmas stockings. Well, we have 1 that I bought for Josh when he was first born. My niece and nephew came by for the weekend and I wanted to give them something they could take with them. I searched all over the Internet trying to find a simple tutorial on making felt stockings and a small enough pattern that would fit a standard piece of felt. The easiest thing I found was a video that said you could glue felt stockings together which you could do but I wanted to use my sewing machine. I found another blog site that said you have to buy the heavier felt because the cheap felt wouldn’t sew well.

I didn't want to make this project complicated so what I did is folded the felt in half, lengthwise, and cut it in half. On one side of the felt I drew a stocking outline using a black Sharpie marker and cut it out and used it for all of the patterns for 5 stockings, 2 stockings for my niece and nephew and 3 for Josh, Jason, and Alyssa.

After my patterns of all stockings were all cut I used a cookie cutter to make patterns of a tree, candy cane, and heart on the stocking. I added some complementary fabric to the back (inside) of the cutouts, glued the edges with tacky glue, and did a running stitch around the heart and tree. Additionally, I decided to put the kids initial on the stocking. I used some leftover glittery black felt and cut out the kids initials using letter cookie cutters as stencils.

Next, I cut white strips of felt for the top of the stocking. I Pinned the stocking together as well as the white felt for the top of the boot.
Pinned a ribbon at the top edge for hanging the stocking

Based on my own research and the type of fabric I used I choose the 80/11 needle--for lightweight knits and synthetics, 2020 series. I straight stitched the white felt onto the boot first (wrong side of the fabric).

Finally, I closed the boot together and on the right sides I zig zag stitched the edges of the stocking together and glued a button at the top. 

I purchased red felt, white felt, embroidery floss, and red & white polka dot ribbon (for hanging). There's a lot of room for creativity with these and you could use items you already have to decorate. Now I have three more orders.

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